Group exhibition: Mountains become islands, Dominik Mersch Gallery. 11 October - 2 November 2019. Curated by Alanna Irwin.

‘Mountains become islands’ takes the idea of rising waters to its extreme and imaginative end, where remote peaks are transformed into our last refuge. The artists variously observe, carve and slice images of nature, referring to the force of water and the ecological islands that form around it. Beyond the idea of flooding, the show is concerned with the ways that nature claims space, and, in turn, how people navigate and bridge these changing landscapes. Participating artists include John Beard, Peta Clancy, Julia Davis, Fayen d’Evie and Bryan Phillips, Liam Garstang, Piers Greville, Julia Davis and Lisa Jones, Janet Laurence, Nike Savvas and Katie West.

Peta Clancy, Fayen d’Evie, Katie West and Julia Davis invite us to listen to unearthed stories. Their works hold secret messages of healing that ask to be deciphered. The mercurial textures of the ocean come through in Davis and Lisa Jones’ collaboration, as well as the screen prints of Nike Savvas and John Beard. Looking inland, Piers Greville and Liam Garstang sever their landscapes into floating atolls, both sublime and eerie. We can see the same ghostly beauty in Janet Laurence’s multi-panel work, calling attention to pressing environmental concerns.