I am a descendent of the Bangerang people from south-eastern Australia. Through my photographic work I explore hidden histories of colonisation, events which threatened the survival of my ancestors. Through processes of manually manipulating photographic prints and rephotographing these, through process that layer time, the past and the present I aim to re-construct and bring to light these hidden histories in a contemporary setting. Through my photographs I seek to challenge the viewer to focus on what may have been missed, denied or hidden. I was awarded the inaugural 2018 Fostering Koorie Art and Culture grant from the Koorie Heritage Trust to collaborate with the Dja Dja Wurrung community to create a body of work investigating massacre sites on Dja Dja Wurrung country. The exhibition ‘Undercurrent’ at the Koorie Heritage Trust focussed on a massacre site submerged under water. I explored this site as a metaphor for the hidden history of many massacres throughout Australia and the denial of this aspect of our history and the trauma these sites evoke. ‘Undercurrent’ was created through collaboration with community, drawing on oral histories, through deep respect and acknowledgment of the trauma the site represented.

I completed a practice based PhD at Monash Art, Design and Architecture (MADA) Faculty in 2009 where I am currently a Senior Lecturer.